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Dr Brechtje Post - Research Projects and Grants

As Principal Investigator/ Project leader:

2014 – 2016 Neural correlates of intonation

Funded by the Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme (approx. £8665 over 1 year). Collaborator Kai Alter (Newcastle).

2011-2015 English Profile Pronunciation Project

Approx. £7500, funded by Cambridge Assessment. CI Prof. Michael McCarthy (Nottingham), and 4 collaborators at Cambridge Assessment (3 part-time RAs paid through Cambridge Assessment).

2009-2012 Categories and gradience in intonation: Evidence from linguistics and neurobiology

Funded by an ESRC First Grant (RES-061-25-0347, £352, 328.35). CI Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis (Anaesthetics), mentor Prof. Francis Nolan (Linguistics), part-time RA Toby Hudson, full-time post-doc RA Iwo Bohr.

2007-2011 Sound to Sense

Funded by an EC Marie Curie Research Training Network grant (MRTN-CT-2006-035561, €2,799,742.00). Project Coordinator Prof. Sarah Hawkins, 35 CIs. I was Theme Leader and I coordinated one of the 11 projects. I supervised one of the 18 Fellows on the grant.

2009-2010 A cross-linguistic study of intonational development in young infants and children

With CIs Elinor Payne (Oxford) and Luisa Astruc (Cambridge); international project partners Pilar Prieto and Maria del Mar Vanrell. Part-time RA: Naomi Hilton

2006-2008 A transcription system for prosody and phonological modelling

Funded by the British Academy (SG51777; £7365.50). Co-PI Élisabeth Delais-Roussarie (CNRS/Université Paris VII), 2 CIs in France.

2005 Different phonological structures in prosody?

Funded by the British Academy (SG40478, £7480). RA Caroline Williams

As Co-Investigator:

2011-2021 Empirical foundations of linguistics: data, methods, models

Funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (€9,000,000). Coordinator Jacqueline Vaissière (Université Paris 3) for the PRES Paris Cité (14 collaborating research laboratories at Paris 3, Paris 7, Paris 5, Inalco, and Paris 13). I am CI on Strand 1: Phonetic and phonological complexity (PIs Martine Adda-Decker and Élisabeth Delais-Roussarie).

2014 – 2015 Swiss Science Foundation Fellowship for Dr. Mattieu Avanzi

(co-supervisor with Dr Anne-Cathérine Simon, University of Louvain)

2013-2016 The acquisition of consonant timing: a study in cross-linguistic micro-variation

Funded by the British Academy & Leverhulme (£9927.00 over 2 years). PI Elinor Payne (University of Oxford); international participants Hanne Gram Simonsen, Inger Moen, and Kristian Emil Kristoffersen (all University of Oslo) and Nina Gram Garmann (Oslo and Akershus University College for Applied Sciences).

2012 Interactive Atlas of the Prosody of Portuguese (InAPoP) and other Romance languages

Funded by the Portuguese Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (PTDC/CLE-LIN/119787/2010). PI Sónia Frota (University of Lisbon), 7 CIs in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and US.

2011-2013 The Education First Cambridge Learner Corpus of English - a data driven approach to second language learning

Funded by the Cambridge Newton Trust and Education First (£180.000). PI Theodora Alexopoulou (DTAL), CI Anna Korhonen (DTAL and Computer Lab); SRA Jeroen Geertzen.

2011-2012 Off-site and internet-based linguistic and executive functions research in bilingual children

Funded by the Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme (£15,000). PI Napoleon Katsos (DTAL), CIs Theodora Alexopoulou, Henriette Hendriks, Teresa Parodi (all DTAL), Claire Hughes (PPS), Michelle Ellefson (Education).

2009-2010 The acquisition of intonation in Catalan, Spanish and English

Funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Batista i Roca, 2009 PBR 00018, €12000.00). PI Pilar Prieto (ICREA/Universitat Pompeu Fabra), 4 CIs, 1 RA.

2006-2010 Prosody in Grammar

Funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (€220,000.00). PI Jean-Marie Marandin (CNRS/Paris VII), 28 CIs in 4 French labs.

2007-2008 L1 acquisition of rhythm in Catalan, Spanish and English

Funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Batista i Roca, 2009 PBR 00018, €12000.00). PI Pilar Prieto (ICREA/Universitat Pompeu Fabra), 4 CIs, 4 part-time RAs; I supervised the main RA.

1995-1999 Phonological characterisation of French intonation

Junior Research position funded by the University of Nijmegen (leading to the PhD). Supervisors Carlos Gussenhoven and Haike Jacobs (University of Nijmegen)

As Research Associate/Assistant:

2001-2003 Morpho-phonological factors in spoken language comprehension

Part funded by the British Academy and the MRC (U.1055.04.002.00001.01 and G0500842). PIs Lorraine K. Tyler (Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge) and William Marslen-Wilson (MRC-CBU, Cambridge).

1999 - 2001 Intonation in the British Isles

Funded by the ESRC. PIs Francis Nolan and Esther Grabe (Department of Linguistics, University of Cambridge).

1998 The acquisition of prosody in speech production: English and French

(RA), funded by Christ Church College, Oxford. PI Ian Watson (University of Oxford).


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