People in the Phonetics Laboratory
Below you can find links to the homepages and email addresses of the staff and students who work in the phonetics lab.



Research Interests

Contact Details

Prof Francis Nolan

Professor of Phonetics

Intonation, forensic phonetics

fjn1 -at-

Toby Hudson

Research Assistant

Speaker characteristics; endangered languages; classical philology and linguistics

toh22 -at-

Dr Hae-Sung Jeon

Research Associate

Rhythm and prosody in Korean

hsj24 -at-

Dr Kirsty McDougall

College Lecturer, Clare College

Speaker characteristics, individual differences in speech production

kem37 -at-

Dr Brechtje Post

Reader in Experimental Phonology

Phonetics and phonology of prosody and intonation; Cognitive and neural speech processing; Language acquisition

bmbp2 -at-

Dr Bert Vaux

Reader in Phonology and Morphology

Psychophonology, historical linguistics and sociolinguistics

bv230 -at-

Ricky Chan

PhD Student

Speaker-specific information encoded in lexical tones; implicit learning in second language acquisition

kwrc2 -at-

Yvonne Flory

PhD Student

The influence of head and body postures on the speech signal

yf243 -at-

Calbert Graham

PhD Student

Japanese and Spanish L1 adult speakers' L2 acquisition of English prosody

crg29 -at-

Anna Jespersen

PhD Student

Prosodic features as sociophonetic variables in Sydney Aboriginal English

abj28 -at-

Maria Kunevich

PhD Student

L1 effects on learner grammar development: the interactions between grammar and information structure

msk41 -at-

Geraldine Kwek

PhD Student

Phonetic realisations and phonotactics of /r/ in Singapore English

gsck2 -at-

Aike Li

PhD Student

L2 rhythm development by Mandarin Chinese learners of English

al541 -at-

Joe Perry

PhD Student

Tone and the Phonological Word in Gyalsumdo, a Tibetan Language of Nepal

jjp45 -at-

Marco Piccolino Boniforti

PhD Student

Models of human speech perception

map55 -at-

Elaine Schmidt

PhD Student

The acquisition of prosody in Spanish-English bilingual children

aeis2 -at-

Recent Former Members of the Phonetics Laboratory


Research Interests

Contact Details

Dr Spyros Armosti

PhD awarded 2011

Geminates in Cypriot Greek

sa449 -at-

Dr Luisa Astruc

PhD awarded 2005

The intonation of sentence-external elements

mla28 -at-

Dr Eva Liina Asu

PhD awarded 2004

The phonetics and phonology of Estonian Intonation

ela21 -at-

Dr Margit Aufterbeck

PhD awarded 2003

Intonation in Scottish English

aufterbeck -at-

Dr Rachel Baker

PhD awarded 2008

Frequency and neighbourhood density in the production of fine phonetic detail

rb373 -at-

Dr Katharine Barden

PhD awarded 2011

Plasticity in speech perception

kjo21 -at-

Dr Ruth Cumming

PhD awarded 2010

Rhythm in French and Swiss German

reg50 -at-

Dr Eftychia Eftychiou

PhD awarded 2009

Connected speech processes in Greek

ee227 -at-

Emmanuel Ferragne

Visiting PhD student 2005

Phonetics of British English dialects (acoustics of vowels), speech rhythm, automatic (linguistically/perceptually-motivated) dialect identification

Emmanuel.Ferragne -at-

Dr Mark Jones

British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Phonetics, experimental phonology

mjj13 -at-

Dr Rachael-Anne Knight

PhD awarded 2004

The plateau effect in English intonation

rachaelanne -at-

Dr Peggy Mok

PhD awarded 2007

Language-specific production and perception of vowel-to-vowel coarticulation

peggymok -at-

Dr Elinor Payne

Junior Research Fellow 2003-5

Phonetic motifs and sound structure: a case-study in varieties of Italian

emp14 -at-

Geoffrey Potter

Laboratory technician and systems manager

gp110 -at-

Dr Rachel Smith

Lecturer 2003-6,
now RCUK Academic Fellow,
Department of English Language,
University of Glasgow

Fine phonetic detail, word segmentation, perceptual learning of speech

R.Smith -at-

Caroline Williams

Software and web support

camw3 -at-