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The Phonetics Laboratory is part of the Experimental Phonetics and Phonology Cluster within the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. The current laboratory has been open since July 1993 and is used for both teaching and research. You will find links to information about our research, the people who work and study here and about phonetics in general.

Contact details:
Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
University of Cambridge
Sidgwick Avenue
Cambridge CB3 9DA

phone: +44 (0)1223 33 50 26
fax: +44 (0)1223 33 50 53

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News and Events

Regular Events

There are several seminars for phonetics students. Details are given below.

The Experimental Phonetics and Phonology Seminar

The phonetics seminar brings together the academics and PhD students of the phonetics laboratory. Previous sessions have focussed on statistics for phonetics, reading of journal articles, discussion of experimental design, spectrogram reading, and synthesis techniques. The seminar is also open to anyone interested in the subjects we discuss. Please contact Brechtje Post for further information.

The PhD Seminar

The PhD seminar is open to all PhD students in the Linguistics Department. It provides the opportunity for students to present their work in a friendly setting, including work in phonetics. The seminar takes place at 5.15 pm on Mondays in term time at the Faculty of English, West Road. For further details please consult or contact the organiser Ian Roberts.

Linguistic Society

There are 3 meetings of the Society per term. Guest speakers are invited from Universities all over the world. The seminar is open to all on payment of subscription fees. See The Linguistic Society Home Page for further details.