EF Education First Research Lab for Applied Language Learning

Education First

The EF-Cambridge Open Language Database (EFCamDat): a data-driven approach to second language learning

2011-2013 Dora Alexopoulou (PI), Anna Korhonen (Co-I), Brechtje Post (Co-I), Jeroen Geertzen (postdoc), Toby Hudson (research assistant)

External Consultants: Ineke Mennen (Bangor), Detmar Meurers (Tübingen).

Sponsors: Isaac Newton Trust and EF Education First.

The aim of project was to build a learner corpus of English compiling data submitted to Englishtown, the online school of EF Education First. The first version of EFCAMDAT was released in July 2013. A second release of writtings is scheduled for early summer 2015; the first version of the speech corpus will be released in autumn 2015.