EF Education First Research Lab for Applied Language Learning

Education First

The EF Education First Research Lab for Applied Language Learning promotes research in second language learning of English and innovation in language teaching through a crossfertilisation between linguistic research and teaching techniques.

The Lab is sponsored by Education First, a world leading educational organisation in language learning.

Research on Applied Language Learning

  • Data
  • Big learner corpora from educational settings (EFCAMDAT)
  • Written and speech data
  • Child data
  • Learner profiles for L2 English
  • Mapping L2 development to proficiency
  • Linguistic, cognitive and communicative profiles
  • Native language effects
  • Individual variation
  • Complexity, accuracy and fluency
  • Profiling pronunciation
  • Methods
  • Natural Language Technology for learner language
  • Speech analysis
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Computational and linguistic models of L2 acquisition



The goals of the EF Research Unit are aligned with the English Profile Programme.


CamSLA, our second language acquisition discussion group is meeting on Mondays lunchtime. Check our program and join our discussions.