Cambridge Occasional Papers in Lingusitics


Submissions are restricted to members of the University of Cambridge.

MPhil and PhD students should have their paper reviewed by their supervisor prior to submitting. Other authors should have their papers reviewed by the primary investigator for their projects. For staff and researchers, submission will be at their own discretion.

Full papers should typically not exceed 10,000 words, and squibs should be any length up to approximately 3,500 words. The editors are happy to provide further information and answer any questions relating to these requirements.

We strongly encourage submission in LaTeX (.tex) format with a separate BibTex (.bib) file. You can follow these guidelines. Alternatively, you may submit your paper in .doc/.docx and .rtf format.

We will review submitted materials for formatting, style, egregious grammar and spelling errors. We will then send a notification to the author that their paper will appear in the next volume of COPiL.

Submissions and any other enquiries should be sent to Jim Baker (jb750 at, Li Nguyen (nhbn2 at and/or Julio Song (cs791 at