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Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics

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This page provides a masterlist of all articles that have been published in all digital volumes of COPiL (Volumes 3-11). The articles are ordered by author surname and year.

Text simplification of legal English: laws on women's rights in Pakistan

Naveed Ahmad and Napoleon KatsosV6, pp. 295-310

Safety in numbers: Geminates in Lisbon Portuguese

Samuel AnderssonV10, pp. 22-37

Negation in Baltic Middle Low German

Caroline ApplebyV9, pp. 35-81

Acquisition of tonal targets in Catalan, Spanish, and English

Lluïsa Astruc, Pilar Prieto, Elinor Payne, Brechtje Post, and Maria del Mar VanrellV5, pp. 1-14

Split intransitivity in English

James BakerV9, pp. 1-34

Split intransitivity in Basque

James BakerV11, pp. 1-35

Factors 2 and 3: a principled approach

Theresa BiberauerV10, pp. 38-65

Subject, Tense and Verb Movement in Germanic and Romance

Theresa Biberauer and Ian RobertsV3, pp. 24-43

Towards a parameter hierarchy for auxiliaries:diachronic considerations

Theresa Biberauer and Ian RobertsV6, pp. 267-294

Rethinking formal hierarchies: a proposed unification

Theresa Biberauer and Ian RobertsV7, pp. 1-31

The syntactic role of discourse-related features

Silvio ChruschinaV5, pp. 15-30

Agreement (and disagreement) among relatives

Jamie A. DouglasV7, pp. 33-60

Control into infinitival relatives

Jamie DouglasV10, pp. 66-87

Comparative method algorithm

Sophia GilmanV6, pp. 131-175

Towards Glue Semantics for Minimalist syntax

Matthew GothamV8, pp. 56-83

The challanges of cross-linguistic parsing

Maja GwóźdźV10, pp. 267-278

Demonstratives and personal pronouns

Georg HöhnV8, pp. 84-105

English resultatives revisited

Xuhui HuV7, pp. 135-157

Labelling in Syntax

Richard StockwellV9, pp. 130-155

Towards a typology of sibling languages

Mary Ann Walter and Imogen LemonV11, pp. 152-162