Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics

COPiL is an online journal of works in progress by staff, students and researchers working in linguistics and related disciplines throughout the University of Cambridge. COPiL also hosts proceedings of workshops and conferences associated with the Department of Linguistics. In addition to full-length papers, shorter contributions (squibs) and review articles are encouraged.

The editors are pleased to announce the call for papers for Volume 11.

The articles in the latest volume, volume 10, are listed below.

Volume 10 (2017)

Edited by Chenchen Song and James Baker

  1. Hanna Danbolt Ajer
    The middle voice, valency and Aktionsart in the Arabic verb
  2. Samuel Andersson
    Safety in numbers: Geminates in Lisbon Portuguese
  3. Theresa Biberauer
    Factors 2 and 3: A principled approach
  4. Jamie Douglas
    Control into infinitival relatives
  5. Craig Sailor
    Negative inversion without negation
  6. Julia Schwarz
    The interrelation between prosodic patterns and phonemic inventory: A comparative study of challenges and learning strategies in early English language acquisition
  7. Chenchen Song
    Prosodically-driven morphosyntactic change? Revisiting the history of Chinese disyllabic words
  8. Thomas Jolyon Wood
    The geometrical structure of linguistic theory: The case of Russian split scrambling
  9. Chris Menying Xia
    Psychotypology of Chinese learners of English and its influence on the acquisition of metaphorical expressions: An offline study
  10. Hanna Danbolt Ajer
    Ambipositions: A symptom of disharmony? An investigation of ambipositions and disharmony in Western Uralic languages
  11. Gwóźdź, Maja
    The challenges of cross-linguistic parsing


  • Call for papers, vol. 11. October 2017.
    James Baker, Li Nguyen and Julio Song (eds.)