Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics

COPiL is an online journal of works in progress by staff, students and researchers working in linguistics and related disciplines throughout the University of Cambridge. COPiL also hosts proceedings of workshops and conferences associated with the Department of Linguistics. In addition to full-length papers, shorter contributions (squibs) and review articles are encouraged.

The editors are pleased to announce the call for papers for Volume 10.

The articles in the latest volume to be published, volume 9, are listed below.

Volume 9 (2016)

Edited by András Bárány and J.M.M. Brown

  1. James Baker
    Split intransitivity in English
  2. Caroline Appleby
    Negation in Baltic Middle Low German
  3. Christopher Hicks
    A syntactic account for the parametric variation of the Number feature
  4. Kari Kinn
    Null arguments in Old Norwegian:
    Interaction between pronouns and functional domains
  5. Richard Stockwell
    Labelling in Syntax
  6. Hannah Blythe
    Resumption in English:
    An investigation of usage and acceptability
  7. Jamie Douglas
    Unifying the that-trace and anti-that-trace effects
  8. Margaret Deuchar, Kevin Donnelly, and Caroline Piercy
    "Mae pobl monolingual yn minority": Factors favouring the production of code-switching by Welsh-English bilingual speakers
  9. Luigi Andriani
    The modal value of ancora/angór?
  10. Arthur Thompson
    Who Moo-ved my Cow?
    The Lexicalization of Onomatopoeia and Imitative Shift in Mandarin