Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics

COPiL is an online journal of works in progress by staff, students and researchers working in linguistics and related disciplines throughout the University of Cambridge. COPiL also hosts proceedings of workshops and conferences associated with TAL. In addition to full-length papers, shorter contributions (squibs) and review articles are encouraged.

The articles in the latest volume, volume 11, are listed below.

Volume 11 (2018)

Edited by Chenchen Song, Li Nguyen and James Baker

  1. James Baker
    Split intransitivity in Basque
  2. Mohyi Eldeen Maziad
    Brother Citizens: Divided WE Stand, United I Fall Deictics and Anaphors of the Arab Spring Speeches of Mubarak
  3. Connor McCabe
    American English Rhotic Rhymes: Phonemic rhotacized schwa or underlying /V+ɹ/?
  4. Roberto B. Sileo
    The semantics and pragmatics of racial and ethnic slurs: Towards a psychologically real contextualist account
  5. Nick Ballou
    Conceptualizing an Ideal Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training System: Educational Technology for L2 Phonetic Features
  6. Theresa Biberauer
    Less IS More: some thoughts on the Tolerance Principle in the context of the Maximise Minimal Means model
  7. Carla Pastorino Campos
    Physical activity as an enhancer of vocabulary learning: a brief narrative overview
  8. Mary Ann Walter and Imogen Lemon
    Towards a typology of sibling languages